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On August 27, 2011, SCL was visited by a most unwelcomed guest!  The talking heads were predicting the storm of the century; and this time they were right. Hurricane Irene was a monster stretching more than 600 miles wide. For days, residents up and down the eastern seaboard waited to see what track Hurricane Irene would take. 

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No one could predict the impact the storm would have on our little campground.  For nearly 11 hours, the tide surge from the Pamlico Sound delivered 6-8 feet of flood water in from our dock, through the campground and across Highway NC 12 with devastating results.  What was left was waist-deep mud, marsh grass & debris, as well as camper units flooded & punctured by decks, lifted up off their blocks and carried away from their sites. The bait shack was driven from its pilings and sunk in the duck pond.  The bath house was flooded & the plumbing ripped from its underpinnings.  Irvin's barn & all the equipment within it was flooded.  Our produce stand was carried across the highway & deposited upside-down in a lot owned by a local church, and the 12'x12' walk-in produce cooler was later found on the ocean side dune of a neighboring campground. Everything was completely destroyed. To get a sense of the destruction, you can view the attached link, videotaped by a journalist from Bloomberg Business just days following the storm: http://youtu.be/Kaqs6JD--Mk

For nearly 3 months Irvin labored, with the help of some very special friends, to clean up the muck & debris, and to load up and remove the campers & decks littering the campground.  In the ensuing months, he has focused on site recovery & improvement.  Since the storm, more than 50 truckloads of fill have been dumped and spread to replace our eroded sound front beach & campground property. Irvin's goal was to have all water, electric & sewer utilities replaced and all seasonal sites restored with newly-poured concrete pads by March 1st, for our seasonal site holders.  This goal was met & our seasonal site holders have begun to return to set up their campers for the coming year.  

The next phase of recovery is to repair & rebuild the bath house so that we can open St. Clair Landing for our full hook up, water & electric, and tent sites.  The bath house provides separate men's & women's hot & cold showers and private restrooms, as well as full service laundry facilities for our guests.  We expect for the bath house to be completed sometime in early May. Once the bath house has been restored, we will begin work on the dock & bait shack.  Currently, we've reinforced our sound front bulkheading & brought in more sand for our family beach area.  Mom's Homegrown Produce is also scheduled to open in time for the summer season.